Working with people, seeking solutions, being flexible- all make the job of the Integration Lead interesting


Our colleague Kiren has been working as the Integration Lead for the last two years. The role helps GSSC's new clients integrate their accounting into UNDP's global systems as well as process improvements. During this time, she has seen the role grown as the Center expands. She shares her experience below:

1. How does this unique role make an impact to the expansion of UNDP GSSC?

A major component of the role is the Country Office Clustering Project, which aims to expand GSSC's financial services to more country offices and grow the shared services center in terms of range of customers and services offered.

2. What was most interesting about the role?

Definitely the people I got to work with. Internally within the office, it gave me the scope to work with every team because I needed to have an understanding of their processes to have a big picture view. Outside the GSSC, I interacted with colleagues with various levels of experience, from general finance staff to senior management, at HQ, the Bureaux, and also at Country Offices. This certainly kept the work interesting and varied, grew my technical knowledge, and also allowed me to see the different perspectives within the UNDP family.

This role also put me on the plane quite a few times which was exciting! I travelled for work to Bonn, New York, Bangkok, Bhutan and Maldives mainly for the Clustering Project. No better way to experience first-hand the global nature of our organization than to personally meet and learn from colleagues around the world.

3. What were the necessary expertise that you picked up on the job?

People management and multi-tasking rank high on this list! Due to the non-transactional nature of this work, often multiple tasks require attention at the same time, all involving different people and teams. I learnt (and am still learning!) to manage all these responsibilities at once, while working with people with different styles and personalities.

4. How satisfied are you with the role? Why?

I enjoyed the role immensely. The people were a larger part of it; the management teams in KL and Copenhagen play an active part in overseeing this role and I gained a lot of exposure working with them. Also, every day is different! While there are some routine and structured tasks, in general, most of the work I did was in segments and frequently there were new projects to be involved in.

5. Are you satisfied with your work life balance?

Yes, the nature of the responsibilities gave me some flexibility in managing my schedule at work. However, I think it is important to note that work-life balance is not only an organizational commitment but also a personal responsibility; managing my time well at the office meant I could deliver on my deadlines and hence maintain a healthy balance.

6. What advice can you offer to those who are applying for the position?

With this role it is important to know/learn about what happens on the ground at GSSC KL, because much of it involves communicating to others on what we do here. At the same time, this needs to be balanced with a big picture view as in many cases you will be seeking solution not for a particular stream of work, but for a wider UNDP process with multiple touchpoints.

Stay on top of your work, be flexible when new things appear on your to-do list, and keep an active channel of communication with management- new ideas are integral to our expansion!


Kiren will be taking on a new role in January 2017.