I was drawn to a career with UNDP-GSSC by two factors- its highly professional operations and multicultural environment.

In my role, I lead a team of accounting specialists in delivering timely, precise services to various country offices under UNDP. The speed and quality of our work will impact the core work of UNDP. For example, the sooner we record revenue for a country office, the sooner it can access funds for its programmes and the sooner communities can gain the help they need.

My career here has heightened my appreciation and understanding of the world. It took me on my first trip to Middle East for a UNDP training workshop in Jordan. At the same time, I’m learning plenty about the cultures and traditions of different countries- even the food- just through my everyday interaction with the people I work with.
— Josef Salani, Regional Services Manager (Africa and Arab States)
Being one of the pioneer teams in GSSC has been a great pleasure and a privilege. Over the four years, I have worked in various accounting functions. GSSC has given me many opportunities. One of the most memorable was helping the Arab States and Africa country offices shift from UNSAS to IPSAS accounting. I was also in Ethiopia to learn the different tasks processed by Finance.

I enjoy helping people- the most rewarding of all is the appreciation from various teams in Country Offices. When you get a special note from them saying thank you, you want to continue helping others even more!

Like in all organizations, you have to work hard and learn as much as you can. Asking questions, being proactive and reaching out to others in helping them will bring you far. I am happy to have gained my experience here and am looking forward to share my knowledge at UN Women in New York.
— Pushpa Kulanthavelu, Accounts Associate
Joining as a fresh graduate, this is what I would call a 5-star experience! I had the opportunity to work with several nationalities- everyone is friendly and gave me guidance.

Even though it’s my first job, I am aware that the knowledge sharing culture here is unlike other places. I feel like I am part of a big family.

Apart from learning to do our jobs well, we are also encouraged to develop our skills in other areas. I am currently picking up French and I use the opportunity to practice with my colleagues!
— Nur Hani Mahmud, Payroll Accounts Assistant